About us ?


Since February 1982, SRPM has been present with its products at the main French manufacurers' and merchants'. If offers:


-Soap shiny bright wire

-Galvanized B/C wire

-Hard drawn galvanized wire

-Fluidified, extruded and plastic coated wire

-Annealed wire/black and white

-Stainless wire

-Shining wire and notched wire in bars and in bundles

Welded tubes

Round, square, rectangular, oval, elliptical, half-oval, special sections

From steel:

-Hot laminated and cleaned

-Cold laminated

-Zinc coated and aluminated

-With high elastic limit

Drawn tubes with and without welding

Sheet steel

-Hot, black and cleaned



P.A.F. Cold metal Section

Runners, corner iron, omega, opened tubes, under-ceiling metal sections, GS ancorage sections, Z sections.





For any information call:

Marie-Christine PEPIN, in charge of:


-Forwarding of orders

-Mr de Martino'secretary

Colette RANGER, in charge of:

-Orders (plants' delay)

(communication with customers)



Valerie PEIGNELIN, Nadia CHAIB, Nathalie SEBTI SANCHEZ, Eric DUTRY in charge of:

-All information and needs on tubes, wiredraw(soft and hard steel), welded wire mesh and triangular chain.

Mr DEMARTINO is at the same time:

- Public relations (plants and customers)

-Manager (technical Commercial)

SRPM is at the same time a partner and an agent. It is its own representative near the customers for transactions, settlements and following of orders.

SRPM is member of an information company and of a credit assurance company - to make sure thar all given information to get credit are reliable to the best relation between the supplier and the customer.

Among our customers we have:


-Furniture manufacturers

-Lighting appliances

-Pediatric furnitures




-National (retail business

-Regional (

-Local "(

As you may understand:

SRPM - look for customers

- look for markets

- take care of needs and technical requirements

- take decision in case of non quality

- take care of tansportation problems

- adjustments of new products

- specifications

and follow step by step the good development of business.